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The creative freelance platform we have all been waiting for.

We are not a gig platform or a staffing firm. We are a different kind of platform– we help companies and creative freelancers connect directly for work opportunities.

Grapevine is the response to the outdated and unfriendly systems of the business of freelance. So, we created the platform we wished existed back when we were freelancers.

We don't take commissions and it's free to join. We offer flat-rate, transparent pricing for companies. That means no commitments or hidden fees.

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About us

Our Mission
We are on a mission to redefine the status quo and create just and ethical work conditions and improve the life of others. Our goal is to modernize freelance business and establish the largest network of companies and creatives in the arts, design, entertainment, media, and production.

The creative industry has traditionally relied on word of mouth to find exceptional freelancers and vice versa for work opportunities. We are taking this underground network mainstream, pushing the freelance industry into a new paradigm.

We cater to highly specialized or niche creative fields that are often underrepresented in traditional or online marketplaces. Companies and agencies on Grapevine represent a broad array of industries, such as consumer goods, tech and healthcare.


A human looks at every application to join Grapevine, whether from a company or a freelancer. Freelancers go through our highly selective process to join. During onboarding, a freelancer’s profile, quality of portfolio, and overall work is reviewed. You can rest assured that Grapevine has top agencies and companies and real, high quality freelancers. No outsourced or cheap labor.

Transparent pricing

Grapevine is free for freelancers to find and do work. Grapevine charges companies a flat-rate fee (one time or monthly) to post work opportunities. We also offer premium paid services for companies and freelancers to automate administrative work.


Freelancing is hard enough without paying high fees or using complicated bidding systems to find work. Get paid what you’re worth on Grapevine with no strings attached. We believe freelancers shouldn't pay to work.

Free membership + no commissionsUsing Grapevine to find work is free. Keep 100% of what you make. No fees or commissions. No bidding systems. Work on hourly or fixed rate projects onsite or remotely. It's entirely up to you.

Freelancers can create custom profiles with full control of their pay rates and bookings and become part of a professional community.

Optional premium tools and servicesWe offer optional premium services at a flat monthly rate to automate administrative tasks, such as invoicing clients, scheduling and project management, allowing you to increase your billable hours.

Freelancers can grow their business by receiving custom job leads, project pipeline management and access to educational resources for career development.

Free to join & find work
Keep 100% of what you make
No commissions
Low-cost premium tools
Set availability & rates upfront


We are here to help you navigate the world of freelance and find the right fit for your project. Forget the all-nighters, find support for your team and never miss a deadline.

Flat-rate pricingCompanies can pay a flat rate as needed to post work opportunities or purchase a subscription to post numerous times per month. We also offer premium services to automate operational and administrative tasks at an additional monthly rate.  

Build a specialized talent networkIt's a creative-only platform. No tech, admin or other freelancers on the platform. Find highly specialized creative freelancers without paying high third-party fees.
If you need a 3D animator who specializes in fabric CGI or a structural packaging designer for lifestyle and beauty brands, you can find them on Grapevine. 

Multiple industries
Flat-rate pricing to post work opportunities
Specialized or niche creative fields
Low-cost premium services

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