General Questions

Question 1

What is Grapevine?

Grapevine is a professional platform where specialized creative freelancers can connect with top agencies and companies directly for work opportunities. Grapevine is a freelancer marketplace like no other. 

Through Grapevine companies can find, connect and build a specialized creative freelancer network without paying high third-party fees. If you are/need a 3D animator who specializes in fabric CGI or a structural packaging designer for lifestyle and beauty brands, you can connect through Grapevine.

Question 2

What are we trying to do?

Our goal is to modernize the business of freelance and establish the largest network of creatives in the arts, design, media and production. 

Question 3

How are we different?

Grapevine is different from other platforms because we don't take commissions on the freelancer's work and because we offer flat-rate, transparent pricing for companies to find talent and post work opportunities. 

Question 4

What is your selection process?

We are creatives, so we know how to recognize great talent and work, always keeping our ear to the streets for the latest trends. We also have a large network of amazing freelancers so we’ll get referrals from them.

For Freelancers

Question 1

What can I expect after joining?

After joining you can either go through freelancer posts, get recommendations by us or if a company is directly interested in you, they will contact you directly.

Question 2

How do I get paid?

Currently, we do not accept payments from companies or individuals to pay freelancers. Freelancers make arrangements directly with the company. However, we are planning in the future to offer tools and services for billing and financial management.

Question 3

Is it really free?

Yes, Grapevine is free for freelancers to sign up, find and get work done. No commissions on your work, no markups on your hourlies or lower pay rates. Work on hourly or fixed rate projects onsite or remotely. It’s up to you. We provide the space and you bring the talent. We believe freelancers shouldn’t pay to find or do work. We help you get paid what you're worth.

We offer optional premium services at a flat monthly rate to automate administrative tasks, such as invoicing clients, scheduling and project management, allowing you to focus on your billable hours.

On average, 50% of a freelancer’s time is spent doing admin, managing clients or looking for work. We created specialized tools that will save you that time and stop the gruesome job applications or weekly interviews. 

Question 4

What companies or agencies could I expect to find?

We cater to highly specialized or niche creative fields that are often underrepresented in traditional or online marketplaces. Companies and agencies on Grapevine represent a broad array of industries, such as branding agencies, consumer goods, tech and healthcare.

Question 5

What are the benefits of joining?

+ Save time from reviewing job applications and interviewing on a regular basis. 
+ Grow your business by receiving custom job leads, project pipeline management and access to educational resources for career development. 
+ Streamline your work by using tools for file management, time-tracking and custom project workflows. 
+ Simplify transactions by using the billing and financial solutions to send and receive payments, create advanced reports or access specialized templates and industry reports.
+ Create a virtual Rolodex of multiple recurring clients and get contacted whenever neededKeep 100% of what you make.
+ No fees or commissions. No bidding systems.
+ Access a creative-only platform. No tech, admin or other freelancers on the platform. No outsourced labor. We review all applications to join.
+ Set your pay rates. Hourly or weekly, it’s up to you. We make recommendations.
+ Set your availability upfront. Companies can book you when needed.
+ Access your favorite tools through integrations.

Question 6

How can you help me?

Through Grapevine you can connect with companies for job opportunities or search from a range of sources in a single platform that fit an exact criteria (rate, availability, skills, etc.) You can also grow a freelancing career by receiving custom job leads and project pipeline management.

Question 7

Who can join?

We are looking for super talented freelance creatives, designers and artists. This platform is for freelancers who want to increase their exposure to new industries, find clients, advance their freelance career, learn new skills, or automate administrative tasks and streamline operations. 

We would love to hear from you if:

+ You are specialized in your field.
+ You are a senior creative, mid or junior looking for work.
+ You are an experienced freelancer that needs help with admin tasks, managing bookings or with billing clients.
+ You are new to freelancing looking to get connected, advise or other resources.  

For Companies

Question 1

What is your pricing like?

Companies pay a flat-rate fee as needed to post work opportunities or purchase a subscription to post numerous times per month. You will receive a shortlist of candidates that matches your exact criteria or budget. You can cancel your subscription anytime and there is no commitment.

Question 2

What are you specialized premium tools?

We also offer premium services to automate operational and administrative tasks at an additional monthly rate. Our tools are specially built for the freelance business and to reduce the overhead. 
Our tools aim to optimize day-to-day operations like calendar scheduling, project management, customized workflows, document management, advanced reporting and analytics, automated billing and full integration to commonly used tools in the industry.

Question 3

What kind of talent can I find?

- Specialized creatives
- Exceptional quality

Grapevine only accepts highly talented and specialized freelancers that top agencies would hire. A human looks at every application to join Grapevine. We know how to recognize talent and great work.

We cater to highly specialized or niche creative fields that are often underrepresented in traditional or online marketplaces. Companies and agencies on Grapevine represent a broad array of industries, such as consumer goods, tech and healthcare.

Our goal is to have the largest network of creative freelancers with varying experience levels that would be a great fit for any project or budget. You can expect to find through Grapevine exceptional senior designers or artists, at a higher hourly rate, that can lead entire projects. Or, you can find super talented junior designers, at a lower rate, that can pick up the extra groundwork and are eager to gain experience.

Question 4

What kind of business is it for?

1. Established consultants that need to hire freelancers to outsource work.
2. Small and medium sized businesses with limited budgets that have overflow of work or specialized projects.
3. Enterprise organizations that need specialized freelancers or to streamline onboarding and management.

Question 5

What can we help you with?

We are here to help you navigate the world of freelance and find the right fit for your project. Forget the all-nighters, find support for your team and never miss a deadline.

Question 6

What are the benefits for using your service?

+ Flat-rate pricing to post work opportunities
+ Find highly specialized creative freelancers
+ Receive custom recommendations that meet your exact requirements (rate, availability, location, experience, skills, etc.) 
+ Pay a low-cost membership for premium services to manage your freelance workforce
+ Save 20 to 30 percent annually by hiring a freelancer instead of a full-time employee
+ Save time and resources from interviewing freelancers on a regular basis
+ Quickly ramp up creative needs by having immediate start dates and additional last-minute bookings for extra man-power
+ Streamline your freelancer workforce logistics and financials, like freelancer scheduling, hourly tracking and payment solutions.